Sabian Cymbal Bag offers maximum protection

Sabian have designed their new Cymbal bags range to provide the ultimate peace of mind for drummers and percussionists traveling between shows, with the quality craftsmanship and overgood looks - but they are more than just a fashion statement. 

World renowned cymbal designer and manufacturer Sabian, has released a new line of cymbal bags that are exactly what busy drummers need. Making it faster for them to get in an out of a gig, the Fast 22 Cymbal backs feature a patent pending fast pocket, available in either standard black, plaid or vintage leather. Sabian have innovated the simple cymbal carry case and engineered a simplistic yet ingenious space to include a clutch still attached to the hi-hat, saving precious time and avoiding lost clutches.

The Fast Hat Pocket is available on Sabian’s Fast 22 and Pro 22 cymbal bags. Both are designed for cymbals up to 22″ and feature upgraded materials and a sleek, simple design. The Fast 22 is available in a backpack style bag (comfort strap), allowing drummers to carry their large cymbals on the go, while the Pro 22 includes wheels and a retractable handle. For maximum protection a special padding system, called Edge Protect surrounded the exterior of the Pro 22, providing added safety to a drummer’s valuable cymbal collection.

These new range of cymbal bags provide ease of mind when traveling between shows, with the quality craftsmanship and overall good looks these are more than just a fashion statement. Faster, easier to set-up and pack-up, will result in no more lost clutches for the busy drummer always on the go. 

Click here to see Stanton Moore perform in the Sabian Vault

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