Introducing the Aquarian Super-Kick II

Aquarian’s ‘Floating Muffling’ technology leaves a rich, warm tone to the bass head

Aquarian drumheads produce some of the most durable and drummer-friendly products on the market, and it comes to no surprise that their Super-Kick Series follows that same ethos. One of the most popular drum heads produced by Aquarian, the Super-Kick Series has gone through multiple variations with the I, II and III variations available.

Through to the build quality with the Super-Kick I features the patented ‘Floating Muffling System’, a unique feature of the head that utilises felt as damping material, rather than the foam rubber that characterises other drum heads available on the market.

The Super-Kick I uses clear film and has ¼” band of cosmetic black coating running around the perimeter of the drum head. On the opposite side there lies a 1 ¾” wide perimeter ring of coated white cardboard which encloses the ‘floating’ white felt damping material. The Super-Kick I is a single 10mm Mylar ply. Like the rest of the Series, the Super-Kick I is coated white and boasts an additional 6 ½” diameter white impact ‘Power Dot’ on the outside of the head.

With Aquarian’s addition of their ‘Floating Muffling’ technology their products always have had a superb deep fat sound resonating through the drum head. With the felt laid right around the perimeter, where the most resonant area of the head is found it subdues the high overtones and leaves a richly warm and brighter thud, highly characteristic of a full blown vintage sound.

For more information on the Super-Kick Series, visit the Aquarian website here.


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