Case Study: SLC

SLC do their homework on PA equipment

Boasting over 20 years of experience, SLC over the years has grown massively from just specialising in PA design, manufacture, sales & installation to now broadening their expertise into event lighting, sound and vision. Managing Director Craig Butterworth who started with Turner Audio Systems in 1987, which became SLC in 1996, is constantly looking out for the best resources. This is due to being regionally based, so he looks for products that give him a longer return on investment. Which for Craig is where the Turbosound’s Line Array System ultimately proved to be an invaluable asset in the rental and touring fleet inventory list for SLC. Craig commented, “We need to do serious homework on equipment and spend capital wisely, so for us having already a long-held deep respect for the Turbosound brand quality, it was a no brainer when looking for a product that offered great sound and reliability”.

Seamless Support

SLC are known for their expertise in sound installation, so for Craig, the key aim for the company is to make sure for each installation they have the right equipment for each job. When throwing the idea around in the office of upgrading their PA systems for events, they were approached by other major brands, which were quickly dismissed, due to the preferred choice of Turbosound and Lab Gruppen products, but more importantly, the seamless support given from start to finish by Australis Pro Audio. Craig commented, “For us, the past track record of product reliability and customer support of the suppliers and manufacturers was actually one of the biggest elements influencing our buying decision. From previous past experiences with the Australis Pro Audio team and particularly Turbosound, we are very happy in respect to the dependability and level of support from the team, no matter how big or small any order is.”

Exceeding Expectations across the board

Turbosound known for its award winning innovation, is still surprising the team at SLC on how invaluable the Turbosound Line Array System has become, especially on larger events - which they didn’t think it would meet the job requirements. SLC at the end of last year in 2016 took on the job of facilitating all sound and light for a large outside Christmas Carol event in Victoria. During planning, Craig recalls some concern across the team whether the Turbosound Array System would be up for the job. Coverage and consistency checks were done before the concert which Craig remembers fruitfully as he had members of the public coming up to him after the show congratulating him on the sound reach and the complete clarity of the service.

For Craig, nothing is better than exceeding expectations for his clients, he commented that “one of the main things we and the clients have noticed, is a much wider target audience area receiving very good stereo detail even when sitting considerably off center and very consistent volume levels, throughout the venue. Yet at the same time getting very well-defined cut off at the front of a stage giving huge increases in gain before feedback which is very helpful on theatre productions.”

Live Sound Durability

High quality, reliable amplification and loudspeaker management is a vital piece of the puzzle in any professional audio system.  To that end, Lab Gruppen’s flagship PLM+ touring amplifiers with on-board Lake DSP is the perfect match.

With their light weight nature and detailed sonic performance, it was another good match for SLC “I am constantly astounded by the performance and durability of the turn key solution put forward by Australis Pro Audio, we always feel as though we are surrounded by great knowledge and support from the team”.

The SLC team made the most of the Lake DSP training provided by Australis and now see it as another vital asset in their arsenal.  Lake Controller has set the standard for tour sound processing with a unique and powerful set of loudspeaker management tools such as remote monitoring of essential amplifier parameters, multiple limiters, EQ, Dante networked audio and much more.

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