Kurzweil SP6: The Next Generation Stage Piano

The SP6 will be available in December 2017

The new Kurzweil SP6 is a step ahead of the competition, a superior instrument not only excellent for pianists at home or in rehearsal, but also purpose built for professional use on stage with supreme sound, premium construction, customizable libraries, and portable design.

The SP6 is an advanced stage piano built to dominate. It provides several high definition pianos with acoustic modelling features, VAST Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology, and Kurzweil VA1 analogue synth modelling and DSP processing. Furthermore, the SP6 uses KB3 ToneReal physical modelling to generate famous organ sounds modelled after Hammond, Vox, and Farfisa organs with real-time performance controls. An 11 second start-up, zero loading time thanks to 2 GB of flash memory, and an excellent total instrument weight of 12.36 kg make this a full-fledged performance instrument.

This stage piano delivers a new Medeli keyboard with 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys. As Kurzweil has long been known for, extra special attention has been given to features for pianists including multiple exquisitely detailed piano models, support for half pedalling, sostenuto, damper noise, 10 selectable key velocity maps, and advanced string resonance modelling.

The new SP6 is in-line with much of the architecture both from the famous PC3 series and flagship Forte – the king of stage combos – including support for many advanced KORE 64 and VAST based sounds and is capable of importing or saving over 1000 custom user programs besides the 256 factory presets. With the help of the all-new Kurzweil software editor, this instrument’s design gives owners of the SP6 the possibility to create a huge library in their own style with personalized sounds sourced from material from thousands of renowned and masterfully refined keyboard programs.

This instrument is also designed with modern music performance in mind, as is embodied by the subtle futuristic shape and brushed metal front plating. The SP6 has 4 sturdy multifunctional knobs which access different parameters by switching between 3 rows of assignments. Use the knobs to adjust a volume envelope, filter frequency and resonance, plus hundreds of complex effect chains and access to 32 individual effect units which are individually adjustable and controlled in real time.

Watch the SP6 video here.

For more information on the SP6, visit the Kurzweil website here.



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