For Mount Hutt They Needed To Get Their Message Out…

Mt Hutt Ski field required a new and improved audio system for paging and background music. The existing system lacked power, coverage and speaker quality. The result was a lack of clarity in both announcements and background music across the resort.

The upgrade project required an easy to control system with several input sources, paging functionality, and high quality speakers at key locations throughout the resort.

The speakers had to be capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and providing quality background music and intelligible announcements in the large open spaces, both indoors and outdoors up to 8 separate zones.

Zone paging functionality from the main office was required, enabling staff to make relevant announcements to individual or all areas for paging and emergency messages which can be automated.

The Australis Pro Audio team came up with the following solution using high quality TOA products. The M9000M2 multi-zone audio matrix and two DA250FH multi-channel power amplifiers were selected to enable different audio sources to be played in each area, and controlled via remote panels for volume and source selection separately.

Indoors, the BS1030 box speakers and PC2869 ceiling speakers provide high quality audio with even coverage, while outdoors the CS304 wide dispersion music horn speakers are able to withstand the weather conditions without sacrificing audio quality across the track and lift areas.

All in all, it was a very 'cool' project to be a part of at the Mount Hutt Ski Resort!

See the list of TOA products used for this solution below. For more information or to talk with our pro-audio team phone: +612 9698 4444.


TOA M9000M2 modular audio matrix system

  • 8x8 matrix system
  • Comprehensive DSP on all inputs and outputs
  • Flexible input options including mic/line, unbalanced, SIP and telephone paging
  • Controllable via remote wall panels or RS232

TOA DA250FH multi-channel power amplifier

  • Four channel Class D power amplifier
  • 4x 250W output power
  • Available in high or low impedance versions
  • 1RU rack size

TOA BS1030 box speaker

  • Two-way bass reflex box speaker
  • 30W power handling, high or low impedance
  • IP rated
  • Available in black or white versions

TOA PC2869 ceiling speaker

  • 8” dual cone ceiling speaker
  • 6W power handling, 100V line
  • Full metal construction with spring catch mounting
  • Paintable

TOA CS304 music horn speaker

  • 30W power handling, 100V line
  • IP65 rated ABS construction with stainless steel hardware and bracket
  • Frequency response up to 15kHz
  • Available in black or white versions


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