Designed in Australia by a highly experienced team of experts, Ashton's current range of musical instruments and sound equipment is ready to rock your world.

The Ashton brand was born in Sydney, Australia in 1997, and was designed to capture the Australian beach lifestyle; bright, modern and fun.

The Ashton team is proud of its home-grown heritage. The local design team features some of Australia’s most talented craftsmen, engineers, product specialists and musicians who oversee their creations from concept right through to the factory floor. It is the talent, knowledge and commitment of the Ashton team that allows them to deliver on their philosophy – to offer musicians everywhere the highest quality instruments and equipment at very affordable prices.

The expansive Ashton range is designed to ensure that the end consumer will consistently get the best possible sound and value. The instruments, systems and accessories you will find in Ashton's range are built to  the highest standards and as such are the result of countless hours of development, research, testing and quality control by experts. So, whether you’re after a guitar, bass, violin, drum kit, keyboard, amplifier, PA system or accessories to match, you can be sure that you are getting a top quality sound for an exceptional price.