Bespeco is situated in Ancona Italy and since 1982 have been manufacturing accessories for musical instruments and have been exporting them all over the world. Now they are available through Australis Music for the first time in Australia.

Knowledge, experience, Italian style and skilled technicians along with the selection of good quality materials  all go into producing Bespeco’s excellent range of products.

While other companies tend to look overseas for the sourcing of spare parts and raw materials, Bespeco  strongly believes in producing goods internally; an approach ensuring greater quality control that they are reaping rewards from.

Bespeco focus on the  development of new ideas  that will help the musician in his profession. Their range of products include high quality cables and connectors, third generation keyboard stands, logic style metal stands, adjustable Genius throne, new guitar cases Tanit Anticrash and the new amplifiers Blast. These new ideas, revolutionised the market and are reflected in their motto: "Bespeco, useful imagination". Their strategies have proved to be effective resulting in the use of new, sophisticated equipment and factory expansion.