Since 1981, Sabian has been working with a focus to create the finest cymbals and percussion instruments possible for drummers and percussion artists worldwide.

It is a company that has emerged as the fastest growing cymbal company in the world today. How did Sabian do it? By combining traditional values with a modern vision, Sabian allows drummers and percussionists from around the world in approximately 120 countries, to express themselves in ways they want to be heard. Sabian offers a full range of cymbals and sounds for players of all styles.

The Sabian cymbal factory itself, is located in New Brunswick in Canada, and provides cymbals for entry-level drummers and percussionists through to professional players like Neil Peart of Rush, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billy Cobham and Dave Wecklall of whom depend on the quality, durability and sound selections that are available within Sabian's extensive product range. 

Today, Sabian is the only major company producing cymbals that are hand-hammered in the ancient Turkish style.  They are crafted from the purest, most durable bronze alloys to ensure the quality  reflected in their phenomenal worldwide reputation.

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