Well-worn favourites, built brand new.

Gibson Vintage Greatest Hits, Expertly Aged

Using the most sophisticated tools and technology, master artisan Tom Murphy and his team create each Murphy Lab guitar inside our Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Each instrument is a unique, handcrafted work of art, with the character, vibe, and feel of an original.

| Aging Options

Ultra Light

Like a prized possession that has spent most of its long life stored carefully in its case, and rarely handled. Murphy Lab artisans apply the most subtle touches to achieve the Ultra Light Ageing such as minimal lacquer checking, vintage original sheen patina hardware, and a hand-rolled fingerboard binding.


Simulates 50 years of average play wear, a favorite guitar that rarely left the comforts of home. More intense lacquer checking patterns, unique to each guitar, accompanied by light dings, pick trails, finish flaking, and softened edges. Vintage original sheen patina hardware and hand-rolled fingerboard binding.


This baby’s been out on the road — for decades, it seems. Significant wear and tear, lots of buckle rash, light arm wear, neck wear, peghead face wear, and prominent checking patterns throughout. Paired with Murphy Lab heavy-aged hardware and hand-rolled fingerboard binding.

Ultra Heavy

Like the old favorite your hero has performed with for decades. Our artisans evoke half a century of touring mileage, with major buckle rash, heavy arm wear, visible pick, neck, and peghead face wear, and areas of exposed wood. Paired with Murphy Lab heavy-aged hardware and hand-rolled fingerboard binding

| Down to the Last Detail

Checked Finish

We scientifically reverse-engineered the original formula of nitrocellulose lacquer used in the 1950s and 1960s. Combined with Tom's proprietary aging techniques, this brittle lacquer checks beneath the surface for an authentic vintage look and feel.

Hardware Patina

Murphy Lab artisans gently age each knob and component to simulate years of play wear, matching the worn body to create the look and feel of a well-traveled instrument — that works like new.

Murphy Mileage

Wear on the neck, where the neck would be worn. The back of the body scraped bare where a belt buckle would bump. Your Murphy Lab Gibson will look like an heirloom from the moment you open the case.

| Meet the Master

Tom Murphy

The Master Artisan and namesake of the newly created Murphy Lab, Tom Murphy, was central to the creation of the Gibson Custom Shop and personally developed the process of aging guitars. For 25 years, he has been replicating the vibe and character of vintage instruments on the canvas of newly-created guitars. With a deep knowledge of authentic instruments, passion for his work, and visionary creativity, Tom has developed the tools and techniques to age guitars with more accuracy and attention to detail than ever before.