Kurzweil: New Range for 2017

It’s the sound

The new Kurzweil catalogue now is separated into three distinct categories – Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. Each is encompassing the benefits and features of each tiered skill level, which offers the customers an idea on which Kurzweil product is specific for their needs.

The inspiration for the new catalogue is to provide a fresh and exciting identity for the Kurzweil brand, by focusing on the customer and making an easy to understand guide for the new range through Australis Music within the domestic market. With the standards that expert level players expect, the features and functions span the whole range giving beginners pro level keys at an affordable price.

The beginner skill level market features the KA Series (KA90 and the KA110), packed to the brim with features that one would come to expect from professional series. Digital upright pianos which include the MP Series and the Adante 3 Series (CUP310 and CUP320) deliver superior performance with the finishes of a traditional upright piano. The CUP Series (CUP1 and CUP2A) and the CGP220W are the pinnacles of the Kurzweil range, for serious players, that feature ebony and ivory finishes and would take the spotlight on stage.

Across the Kurzweil range, the development and engineering are superior even from humble beginners to even the most discerning player.

For more info, visit the Kurzweil website.