"Naming the Heritage D after such an iconic mixing console was indeed a bold move. However, this product is bold and visionary whilst keeping the legendary sound quality and raising the bar on what a digital mixing console can achieve.”

Audio Technology


Heritage D is able to listen to your source, tell you what it is, suggest Gain, EQ, Compression and Gate settings if required.

All this presented in an easy user interface that lets you decide which parts of suggested settings you wish to use. Adaptive presets let you pick the style of sound you want and the Channel AI does the rest.


At the heart of every mixing console is the most important part – Audio. We improved on the Midas digital sound with our new 64-bit summing mix engine with increased dynamic range.

The key to the Midas sound is in giving ultimate flexibility while still being delay compensated. Avoiding the dreaded comb filtering effect is so very important.


New tap off points on channels have been introduced to allow signals to be sent from any point in the signal path.

For the first time on a Midas, post insert fader points are available plus all processing options orders can be changed by simply dragging and dropping in the order you desire.

Key Features


  • Live performance digital control centre with up to 144 simultaneous input channels and 96 kHz sample rate 
  • 120 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • 21″ full colour TFT display screen with capacitive touch sensing
  • Advanced and multi-gesture touchscreen user interface
  • Award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers 
  • HyperMAC and AES50 networking allows up to 576 inputs and 576 outputs @ 96 kHz sample rate
  • Dual network bridge format converter with up to 128 bidirectional channels and asynchronous sample rate conversion
  • 24 VCA (variable control association) groups, and unlimited POPulation groups
  • Up to 24 multi-channel digital signal processing effects engines
  • Integrated Wireless transceiver module
  • Dual ULTRANET Ports providing 32 additional digital outputs
  • 28 Midas PRO motorised 100 mm faders
  • Fully interpolated touch sensitive controls
  • Dual redundant auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies 

Explore the Console

explore the console

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