Behringer JT-4000 MICRO & TD-3-MO-BK

The latest synth additions from Behringer

Behringer introduce a brand new, ultra-affordable synth recreating the classic JP-8k sound engine and add a new colour to the established line up of TD-3-MO synths.


Be ready to jam anytime, anywhere with the Behringer JT-4000 MICRO, a super portable programmable 4-voice hybrid synth that comes with 2 analogue modelling oscillators per voice. Whether you’re in a cramped bar or travelling, you can have a powerful synth with you whenever the mood strikes you. The JT-4000 MICRO is a reproduction of the JP-8k sound engine with a Supersaw waveform. But we decided to go a bit further than that and hit it with a shrink ray, 32 memory pre-sets, plus many more features that make it an amazing and flexible synth that can fit any setup. Analog filters in the JT-4000 MICRO coupled with an authentic 12-bit DAC give it a warm and natural sound that’s evocative of the timbre of classic full-sized synths but in a sleek, convenient and portable enclosure.

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Sometime after the release of the original TB-303, creative users realized that there was more to squeeze out of an already amazing bass machine, to produce sounds that were unique to themselves. As word started spreading about third-party mods adding more functions and many more ways to shape sounds, synth-heads around the world wanted to get their hands on a modded TB-303. Now it’s a lot easier to get that awesome “modded-out” sound with the Behringer TD-3-MO-BK, an ultra-affordable and faithful homage to the iconic synthesizer that’s capable of creating some fiery basslines and much more now in a sleek black enclosure. With its pure analogue signal path, 16-step sequencer and authentic VCO, VCF and VCA filters, the TD-3-MO-BK is sure to become one of your favourite synthesizers. The TD-3-MO-BK includes an ultra-flexible sawtooth and square waveform Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) that can be tuned, shaped and even overdriven just the way you want. The amazing 4-pole low-pass resonant filter has controls for cutoff, resonance, envelope, decay and accent that you can adjust and tweak to add tension and spice to your songs. When you want to go even lower, you can tap the Sub Oscillator button giving you an extra octave, increased low end and a deeper sound.

To learn more about the Behringer TD-3-MO-BK please click here

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