Gibson Pickup Shop

Since 1935, the Gibson Pickup Shop has been the source for the world’s finest, time-tested premium pickups.

Gibson announce a range of new pickups for their established collections as well as introduce two brand new collections, the Artist collection and the Kramer Collection.

NEW - The Artist Collection

Recreating pickups from the most legendary guitar players all the way through to pioneering guitar virtuosos, the Artist Collection aims to provide you with the most sought-after guitar tones in the world, starting with the new Greenybucker set. Instantly recognizable from a sonic perspective; their distinctive sound is partially from the out-of-phase middle switch position due to the neck pickup’s reverse magnetic polarity. The Greenybucker pickup set was developed with input from Greeny’s current owner, Kirk Hammett, and with specifications taken from the actual Patent Applied For humbucker pickups on that world-renowned guitar, including asymmetrical coil windings and unpolished Alnico 2 magnets. To view the Greenybucker set please click here.

NEW - The Kramer Collection

Inspired by the sound of 80s hard rock and metal, these high-output pickups have all of the Made to Rock Hard tone and attitude that only Kramer can deliver. The view the new Kramer pickup collection please click here.


Historic Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Historic Collection delivers vintage tone inspired by the Gibson Golden Era that gave birth to the Custombucker, one of the most prized and coveted Gibson pickups. The new underwound Custombuckers have fewer windings on the bobbins, which results in more clearly defined overtones and harmonics. The Underwound Custombucker has a brighter tone in the rhythm position, making it perfect for pairing with a standard Custombucker in the treble position.

Original Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Original Collection pays tribute to an iconic past, housing the coveted ‘57 Classics, P-90s, Burstbuckers, and more that have shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. The ‘57 Classic and P90 both receive new underwound treatment producing a brighter and ‘chimier’ pickup.  The new Thunderbird Reissue pickup uses Alnico magnets for pure vintage tone and brings back the thick, beefy tone of the legendary originals.

Modern Collection

The Gibson Pickup Shop Modern Collection builds on a legacy of innovation and sound evolution with modern components mixed with higher output, housing such pickups as the 490R, 498T and 500T. The Modern Collection introduces the new Neo P90, a noise cancelling P90 featured on the recent limited edition Billy Joe Armstrong Gibson Les Paul Junior. The hard rocking Dirty Fingers gets an SM update using a ceramic 8 magnet instead of the three magnets used in a standard Dirty Fingers™ pickup for increased midrange punch. Finally, the new Thunderbird Modern delivers modern punch and increased output while retaining the rich low voicing for which the Thunderbird is known.

To view all the latest additions to the Gibson pickup range please click here

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