Ibanez RG & Iceman Ukulele

If you can't bring the Ukulele to metal, then bring metal to the Ukulele

Ibanez RG Ukulele

There is no reason why the sweet-toned Ukulele can’t also get its shred on. Get ready to rock out with this unique, very Ibanez, RG-shaped Uke.

Ibanez Iceman Ukulele

It's got the look and the tone to let the audience know you mean business. The Ibanez UICT10 Iceman ukulele has all the appointments and tone that you have always been looking for in a Tenor-sized body with rock 'n' roll attitude. 

Okoume neck
The Okoume neck provides greater playing comfort.

Purpleheart fretboard
The Purpleheart fretboard emphasizes the beauty and the rich tonal character of this bass.

Spruce top
Spruce remains the most popular wood for acoustic guitar tops, mainly due to its pristine tonal clarity.

Okoume back and sides
The Okoume back and sides generate a woody, warm tone when the guitar is played softly or finger-picked and provide punchy high-mids with a clear projection when strummed.

Gig bag included
It comes with Ibanez gig bag which is designed specifically to fit and protect this instrument.

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