A Reissue of the Guitar That Changed Music Forever

In 1983, the Kramer Baretta was first introduced to the world. Few models can claim to have changed the course of musical history, but that is exactly what the Baretta did when it was embraced by a new generation of highly innovative hard rock and metal guitarists. The wildly successful Baretta was the perfect platform for their fretboard pyrotechnics, and its success was a big contributor to Kramer becoming the most popular guitar brand in the world by the mid-1980s. With its double cutaway maple body providing excellent sustain and unimpeded fretboard access, the powerful simplicity of its single Seymour Duncan® ’59 pickup paired with a single volume control, and a Floyd Rose R5 locking tremolo that stays in tune under even the most demanding wiggle stick acrobatics, it is still the quintessential hard rock and metal guitar that is Made to Rock Hard. This faithful reissue of the ground-breaking 1983 Baretta was lovingly crafted in Japan to vintage specifications and comes with a Kramer hard-shell case.

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