New Behringer Products June 2024

A new range of Behringer Eurorack synths and outboard equipment

This is the synth your grandma wish she had! Introducing the Behringer MODEL 15! This compact analogue synthesizer features dual VCOs so you can create super-fat bass lines and awesome lead sounds that’ll have everyone in the crowd vibing! The Behringer MODEL 15’s semi-modular design makes it ready to go right out of the box with its 48 patch points at your disposal so you can connect and integrate any module in your collection. And if you were a fan of the legendary System 55, we’ve taken everything great about that and put it in a sleek, compact chassis, so you won’t need a whole truck to transport your setup!

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Compression on the master bus was a necessity in the early days of broadcast to make sure the live-transmitted signal did not blow up the listeners’ speakers at home. Controlling the final dynamics is still paramount today, but back in the day, music producers quickly noticed the sweet "glue-like" effect a quality compressor on the master bus would add to a stereo mix - the way it would gently gather the individual tracks and unite them in a way that made them sound uniform and powerful at the same time. Well, one of the most famous stereo compressors from that era - the legendary Neve 33609 - inspired the creation of the Behringer 369.

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Experience the legendary sound and feel of a classic analogue percussion synth with the Behringer SYNCUSSION SY-1. Based on the classic dual analogue percussion synthesizer from the ’70s, The original has been used by legendary artists such as Prince, Kraftwerk, and Herbie Hancock. Now, you can have the same dynamic and iconic sound without burning a hole in your pocket! The SY-1 offers six oscillator modes, each with a different character and timbre. You can choose from single oscillator, FM, dual oscillator mix, dynamic oscillator mix, FM/noise mix, and pure noise. Each mode can be shaped by adjusting the tune, decay, and filter cutoff controls. This allows you to create a wide range of percussive sounds and effects, from deep kicks and snappy snares to metallic clangs and sci-fi zaps. The SY-1 can also be triggered using drum pads, a drum machine like the Behringer RD-8 or any other external triggers.

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Every so often an iconic piece of hardware takes the music industry by storm and transforms into a beloved fixture in studios worldwide. The 1073 was one such piece of gear. A mic preamp with a unique voice and rich sound, it became famous for shaping the sounds of many music generations, from the grit of ‘70s rock and roll, to the polished pop of the ‘80s. It was a staple in renowned studios like Abbey Road, Sound City, and Capitol Studios and influenced iconic tracks like Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” as well as The Who’s “Who’s Next.” Today, we pay homage to that iconic studio cornerstone with the Behringer 1273, a two-channel microphone preamplifier, with built in EQ. The 1273 is more than just a remake. Developed with one of the original engineers, their valuable knowledge and experience ensures that the 1273 not only remains faithful to the original but is able to meet the demands of modern production.

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