Sabian Vault Drop - Rocktagon & Tempest

Two limited edition cymbals are released from the depths of the Sabian vault

Strictly limited in number and utterly unique in design the Sabian Vault Drop represents a chance to own something truly special. A chance for the geniuses at Sabian to let their imaginations run wild and develop products unique in appearance and sound. With the new AAX 18" Rocktagon and the HHX 22" Tempest, Sabian have achieved just that.

The 18" AAX Rocktagon has the same 8-sided shape as its predecessor from the 80’s, but that’s where the similarity ends. This version is a thin crash weight with a raw un-hammered bell and pinpoint lathing that combine with the 8-sided shape to produce an immediate nasty crash with quick decay. The thicker raw bell also allows for strong bell accents and added punch. An excellent effects cymbal with an unusual look and sound.

The 22" HHX Tempest is a multi-application cymbal with an incredible dynamic range. A specially modified HHX hammer peen brings a unique look, feel and sound to this cymbal. Its medium thin weight and aggressive HHX hammering, creates an instrument with a beautifully controlled swell when played either with stick, or mallets, making it ideal for both drum set and orchestral applications. The HHX Tempest offers tremendous light ride capabilities, delivering a warm dark undertone to the wash. You can even see the gentle movement of the bow of this cymbal when it’s being played.

As with all Vault Drops, the 18" AAX Rocktagon & 22" HHX Tempest are available in limited numbers only. Please contact your nearest Sabian dealer for more information.

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