TAMA Tie Dye Drum Thrones

Limited Edition TAMA Drum Thrones

These limited-edition 1st Chair thrones feature unique tie-dye patterns and colours. Often used for clothes and accessories, tie-dye is the perfect look to suit your individual expression. Two colour options, Fluorescent Pink Sky & Cool Mint Gray, are available in both traditional rounded seat and ergonomic saddle-type seat.

HT430 Round Rider Features

1st Chair Height Adjustment

1st Chair thrones offer the best of both worlds-the exact height adjustment of threaded rod thrones with the fast adjustment of T-bolted systems.


TAMA's "Rocklok" features a specially designed Nylon Bushing at the bottom of the throne's threaded rod that prevents side-to-side motion within the base.

This special feature provides exceptional durability and stability.

HT550 - Glide Rider Features


1st Chair HYDRAULIX thrones allow effortless height adjustment simply by activating a lever. And because HYDRAULIX features a seat that can be removed from the base, this innovative throne offers the most easy-to-store and transport design in the market.

Seat Lock for HYDRAULIX 

This is a great design that utilizes two-piece locking hinge collar system for superior throne base to seat connection and oversized wing nut for easy and secure tightening. TAMA removed the "wobble" which can typically affect the seat to throne base connection.

These TAMA Tie Dye Thrones are only availbe in limited quantities. Check with your local TAMA dealer to enquire about ordering. 

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