Watch the phenomenal Nic Pettersen play Sabian cymbals and Tama drums to the limitsĀ 

Nic Pettersen of Northlane is a phenomenal drummer - and who wouldn't want to see him play the best of the world's drumming equipment with a combination of Sabian and Tama to the limits.

Those in the know, might have some indication of who Nic Pettersen is, or more broadly which band he plays in. Nic has been playing the drums since the ripe old age of 7, picking up the sticks after his father, he has been an ambassador of percussion for 15 years now and there seems to be no signs of slowing down. 

The metal-core outfit from Western Sydney, Northlane have been making leaps and bounds since their inception into the music world in 2009. Nic joined the band in early 2010 and is one of the many driving forces behind the band’s successes. The road has been tough, experiencing the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, but it all seems to be coming together nicely for the band. Currently off the back of their critically acclaimed album ‘Node,’ Nic demonstrates a drum play-through of the track ‘Leech,’ from the album, released via UNFD, 24 July 2015. 

Audio produced and mixed by Chris Blancato and video by Neal Walters.


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