Xvive PX Personal Monitor System

Take control of your personal monitoring

As a musician and/or singer, whether you’re performing live, rehearsing with a band or recording in a studio, you need to hear both yourself and the other musicians. But just as importantly, you need to have control over what you hear. Everyone hears differently from their own perspective, so everyone needs to have control over their own mix.

The PX-A 3-Channel Mixer and Headphone Amplifier is a beltpack unit that accepts three audio signals, lets you mix them however you like, and passes on the mixed signal to your in-ear monitors, earphones or headphones.

You choose what you need to hear and adjust as needed during performance. Singers, for example, need to control their own volume, but will also need to hear whatever instruments they rely on for a pitch reference. So Input 1 might be an aux mix including only their vocal—or a mix of all vocals with their voice loudest; Input 2 could have a mix of guitar and keyboards, and Input 3 could be a mix of bass and kick drum. This is just one example!

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