Midas Heritage-D HD96-24 at the Theatre Royal

Review: Woods emphasizes the versatility of the Heritage-D HD96-24, noting that it can be used in a wide range of different applications, from recording studios to concert venues.

Mark Woods Reviews the Midas Heritage-D HD96-24

Audio Technology Magazine recently interview Audio engineer Mark Woods and captured his thoughts on the Midas Heritage-D HD96-24 mixing console, in which he describes as "one of the most powerful, transparent, and versatile consoles in the world."

Mark Woods' review of the Midas Heritage-D HD96-24 mixing console highlights the many benefits of this powerful and versatile piece of audio equipment. With its advanced features, excellent sound quality, and rugged build quality, the Heritage-D HD96-24 is a top choice for audio professionals who demand the best in performance, reliability, and flexibility.

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