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The PRO VS MINI is an authentic reproduction of the original Prophet VS synth. Instead of a full-sized desktop keyboard synth, we decided to shoot it with a shrink ray and bring it into the 21st century plus lots of extra stuff like 128 waveforms, an arpeggiator and a handy OLED display so you can easily visualize those waveforms you’ve been playing around with. Being a vector synth, the PRO VS MINI has 4 oscillators which can then be morphed and mixed using the joystick making for some out-of-this-world sounds that may be more difficult with more traditional synths. With its 27 touch-sensitive keys, the PRO VS MINI also allows for maximum playability in a small form factor. Combine that with an easily programmable 16-step sequencer, studio-grade chorus, individual envelopes for filter, amplifier and oscillator as well as 2 LFO’s, you’re looking at a versatile, powerful and compact sound shaping machine that’ll easily find a home in your setup.

• Analog 24 dB low-pass filter
• 16-step sequencer with easy programmability
• Arpeggiator with 3 patterns
• Studio-grade Chorus effect
• Individual envelopes for filter, amplifier and oscillator mixer for creative sound shaping
• 2 powerful LFO’s to control filter and oscillator tuning
• High-resolution OLED display for easy parameter editing
• USB Type C allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer
• Sync Input to synchronize with your other synthesizers or drum machines
• Comprehensive MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)

  • 16 Vector oscillators featuring wavetable synthesis with 128 waveforms
  • Authentic reproduction of original Prophet VS * sound engine
  • 27 touch-sensitive keys for great playability
  • Creative morphing of all 4 oscillators via joystick

  • Height - 3.9cm
  • Width - 19.3cm
  • Length - 12.4cm
  • Weight - 0.4kg
Vendor Item No. 0722-ABF86-001