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The Lyzard-KZ14 I ultra-mini line array loudspeaker is the smallest member of K-array’s Lyzard mid-high loudspeaker range. Featuring an ultra-resistant 2.2 x 10 x 1.1 cm milled aluminium enclosure housing 4 x long-excursion neodymium magnet transducers for a total weight of just 59 g, the Lyzard-KZ14 I ensures uncompromised audio performance with minimum residual noise, despite its discreet dimensions. The form and quality of the Lyzard series make it the perfect solution for environments that require high-performance audio where decor and aesthetics cannot be compromised.

With a vertical coverage of 40° and horizontal coverage of 140°, it is our smallest model to feature PAT array technology. With a frequency response from 500 Hz up to 18kHz, KZ14 I provides clear audio reproduction and flawless intelligibility at a peak SPL of 98 dB, an impressive performance for a miniature loudspeaker. To complete the full frequency range of your audio systems, Lyzard loudspeakers must be combined with one or more of the Truffle or Rumble subwoofers and driven by one of our Kommander amplifiers.

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  • Maximum discretion - The size of a chocolate bar, Lyzard speakers blend easily into modern or classic architecture without compromising the aesthetics or the sound, as the design of the speaker integrates naturally into any decor.
  • Pure Array Technology (PAT) ensures maximum smooth, even coverage with no compromise in sound quality from the front of the space all the way to the back.
  • Perfect Performance - Lyzard's electromagnetic components are miniaturised to suit the limited dimensions.
  • SNAP and UNSNAP THE GRILLE with a single MOVE - Experience the ultimate ease of installation with our magnetic grille loudspeakers
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  • Height - 4cm
  • Width - 8cm
  • Length - 9cm
  • Weight - 0.1kg
  • Vendor Item No. KZ14WI