Tasman Guitar Co.

Inspired by the spirit of exploration and dedicated to the pursuit of innovation and excellence in guitar making, Tasman is the new brand of guitar.

Inspired by this pioneering spirit and the desire to bring positive change to the guitar market, Tasman set out to challenge and redefine the manufacturing process of top-quality, professional-grade acoustic guitars to allow them to deliver premium instruments at a previously unseen level of affordability.

Handcrafted from the finest woods using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology, Tasman guitars are built to the absolute highest level of quality to ensure that they consistently deliver unparalleled sound and performance.  With each guitar delivering the best tone, pearled inlays and rosettes with classic vintage styling and open gear machine heads - Tasman is made for serious players and professional guitarists.  

Every aspect of the design and manufacturing process has been developed and refined to ensure a superior playing experience right from hand picking each piece of wood and applying a unique combination of traditional guitar-making techniques and modern innovation to challenge the process.

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