The Importance of Being Heard.

The role of high quality audio in hotels and Casinos is critical to creating a pleasant atmosphere for customers.

One of the factors that make the gaming experience at Live Casinos more enduring is the music that is played in the background.

Music from various genres plays a significant part in casino entertainment by shaping the performance of players also, and live casinos rely on music and sound effects to create an enticing environment and enhance their gaming feel.

SkyCity Adelaide

Located in the heritage-listed Adelaide railway station building on North Terrace, SkyCity casino has undergone a significant expansion and upgrade to its audio system. One of the major challenges to overcome was how to provide high quality BGM in the heritage listed Marble Bar with its high ceilings and sandstone construction dating back to 1856. Various proposals and designs had been considered over the years but finally a premium Tannoy QFlex beam steered column design was approved for installation augmented by Turbosound NUQ115B-AN 15” self-powered subwoofers.

The key benefits of the QFlex design was the ability to provide even coverage to the entire gaming floor and bar area from a discrete architecturally sensitive loudspeaker system. Tannoy QFlex is a self-powered, digitally steerable multi-channel, column array loudspeaker designed as a complete solution for installed applications with challenging acoustics, such as houses of worship, transportation hubs, convention centres, conference facilities, shopping malls, performing arts centres and museums. The heart of the system is a VNET loudspeaker networking platform, which comprises both software and hardware DSP components that produce extremely-high speech intelligibility, impactful music reinforcement, and complete loudspeaker system diagnostics and monitoring via IP.

Tannoy loudspeakers can be found throughout the casino with a wide selection of models and types including 326 x CVS6 6” coaxial in-ceiling speakers, 68 x OCV8 8” coaxial pendant speakers, 30 x DVS6T 6” coaxial surface mount speakers, 5 x CMS1201SW large format 12” in-ceiling subwoofers.

Park-Hyatt Melbourne

Installer: TENFOUR Technology

Tannoy CVS and DVS speakers were elected for the project for their outstanding audio quality and renowned reliability.

Star Casino/Star Sovereign

Installer: Saltec.

This project utilised a wide range of products from Lab.Gruppen and Tannoy to address the many challenges presented in a multi-use space that Casinos and hotels are.

W Hotel Brisbane & Melbourne

Installer: Diversified

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