The Importance of Being Heard.

When communicating important messages and commands in often busy and congested places, clarity and accuracy of delivery is essential.

In airports, train stations, conferencing and public space,s the delivery of voice is most effective when it is clear and can automatically adjust for levels of ambient and noise – and those are the kind of effective solutions that Australis can provide.

With our broad product range we can ensure that whether you have a single location, multi-room and hall space, or large public domain that messaging and music can be heard in the most difficult of conditions to improve the quality of service that you offer across a range of situations.


It is our job to ensure that messages can be heard clearly regardless of location and background noise, with the careful planning of acoustics and speaker placement, in conjunction with ambient noise control technology.

We offer an extensive range of speakers, amplifiers and core audio distribution equipment which has been tried and tested in infrastructure project across Australia and New Zealand.

LED Screens Australia

Back in 2009, Myles Duggan was working as an AV technician and general audio operator roustabout at the Oxford Hotel in Bathurst when the management decided to invest in a large display screen for one of the sports bars. A bit of research and some enquiries revealed that the costs involved would mean at least doubling the price of the pub’s luncheon special—chicken parmigiana and chips, of course—for the next decade just to recoup the money spent. Instead, always up for a challenge, Myles figured he could knock together a design of his own that would be much cheaper and even better—and that’s exactly what he did. In fact, that screen is still in operation today over 13 years later, albeit not exactly offering 4K resolution. It’s a testament to Myles’ ability to build displays that last, even in the toughest conditions (it’s a pub in Bathurst after all). It wasn’t long before the local football club was impressed by the display and asked Myles if he could design something for them. Then another club needed a screen, and another… It’s not hard to guess what happened next.

Perth Airport

Installer: Diversified

Installation of the TOA SRH Speakers and CM960 ceiling speakers in the terminal building, and Carpark TZ weatherproof colums for the exterior.

Sydney Ferries

Installer: Wilcomm

For many years TOA Amps, ceiling and horn speakers have been the backbone of the Sydney Ferry service requirements

Canberra Airport

Installer: Diversified

Canberra Airport selected the Qflex digital steerable array and CMS ceiling speakers to cover the wide open spaces in their main terminal.

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