B2B Portal FAQ


Q: How do I get a Login for the Dealer Portal?

A: You must be an active Australian based Account of Australis Music Group to which we have deemed your use of the Dealer Portal to be beneficial. This service is not open to the general public.

Download your Starter Guide Here


Q: Why can I not see the Add to Cart button, my Cost Price of an item or its Stock Status?

A: You need to be logged into your account using the credentials supplied to you by Australis. Click the Login button on the top left of the website to enter your details we have supplied you. This functionality is only active when logged into your account.


Q: How do I place an Order?

A: The Australis Dealer Portal is setup like a traditional eCommerce Website. Simply search or browse the product you are needing to order under the PRODUCTS tab. You can then add them to your order by clicking the Add to Cart button.

You will notice that your order will be costed depending on your Buy Prices of each item. This depends on your Dealership Level of each Brand and will helpfully display inclusive of GST.

Once you are finished, clicking your Cart in the Top Right of the Dealer Portal will take you to the Checkout Page. Here you will be REQUIRED to enter a Purchase Order Number or Order Reference to continue. You can then review your order and make amendments if needed. You can also stipulate if you would like to Pickup the order from our Sydney Warehouse, or have the order Delivered to your store via your preferred Delivery Method.

After reviewing our Terms and Conditions and clicking the checkbox, you can then hit NEXT to place your order. Your Order will automatically be entered into our Order Processing system under your Account. You do not have to enter any Payment Details.


Q: How do I know my Order was successful?

A: After passing thru the Checkout, you will be taken to a Successful Order screen where you will be supplied an Order Number. You will also be emailed an Order Confirmation for each relevant Account the items on your order apply to: i.e Your normal account, Behringer account, Piano account, etc.

Sometimes there will be a delay in an order being released due to our Order Processing system conducting a credit check on your account. This can sometimes take up to 30 mins or longer to occur. Outside of business hours, we may need to manually Release the order which we will do as soon as possible.

If you received NO Order Number on the confirmation screen, your order was unsuccessful. This could be because you are over your Credit Limit, you were trying to order a product you do not have a Dealership for or there is a block on your account. Please contact us on (02) 9698 4444 for more information on your account.


Q: How do I make an alteration to an Order AFTER it has been processed?

A: Simply contact our helpful Internal Sales Team on (02) 9698 4444 or send them an email at sales@australismusic.com.au to make any changes. Your Account Manager can also make changes to your order if required. 


Q: How do I know if a product is in stock?

A: When logged into your account, under the Add to Cart button you will see an items Stock Status. An items stock level in our warehouse will either be described as Good, Low Stock or Out of Stock. For an accurate ETA of an item out of stock, please contact our Internal Sales Team on (02) 9698 4444.


Q: If an item is Out of Stock can I still place a backorder?

A: Yes! Simply add the product to your order and head thru checkout. The item will automatically be backordered for you and an Order Confirmation emailed to you. If the backordered product has an ETA in our system, it will be displayed on your Order Confirmation for your records.


Q: How do I change or add a Delivery Address?

A: When logged into your account, you will see your Stores Name on the header bar. Simply click your Store Name to enter your Profile. On the bottom right you will see a button for MANAGE ADDRESSES. Here you can add and remove delivery addresses and set one as your default for your next order.


Q: How do I change my Password?

A: When logged into your account, you will see your Stores Name on the header bar. Simply click your Store Name to enter your Profile. On the left you will see the tab EDIT USER PROFILE. There you can change your password quickly and easily.


Q: How do I lodge an RA enquiry?

A: When logged into your account, you will see your Stores Name on the header bar. Simply click your Store Name to enter your Profile. On the left you will the tab named RETURN. Here you can add a new RA Request which will be sent to the Australis Service Department.

Entering your invoice number will bring up the products invoice where you can select the item you wish to request to return.

You will also be required to select from the dropdown why the item may need to be returned to Australis Music Group.

After filling in your Stores Name and your contact number, you will also be required to enter a Fault Description for our Service Departments reference.

Once you click Create Request, our Service Department will be emailed your form. They will then begin to assess your request and may contact you for further details. Within this tab, you will also be able to view past RA’s that have been requested.


Q: Why does the ORDERS Tab take a long time to load?

A: This process talks directly to our Order Processing system to pre-load ALL your previous orders up todays date. As you can imagine, that is a lot of data to organize and can take up to a minute to finish. Please be patient and all the information you will need will soon be at your fingertips.