Many people say you've got to be crazy to start a new amp brand - but Bugera was simply born out of passion for tone and desire for superior quality.

Bugera is a quality brand that does it right first time and doing things right takes a lot of resource. Obsessive about valve selection, and being one of the few companies that make every major amplifier and cabinet component - down to the voice-coil windings and cones on their custom build speakers - the team behind the brand are quality control freaks.

The objective is to deliver beautiful quality with vintage appeal injected with high-tech production methods for amazing sound results.

Wherever the madness comes from, Bugera is determined to bring something new to that huge all-ages partybash known as Guitar Amplification. Not just old-rehashed tone wearing new boots and panties, but fresh new faces with the energy to kick the Guitar Amplification party up a notch or two.  They build their own speakers which is easy. A guitar cabinet and the speaker(s) inside is a musical instrument in its own right. Having to buy somebody else’s speakers severely limits tonal options. High tech design for classic tone. Bugera amps are assembled using both circuit boards and hand-wiring. 

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