Personalised Concert Alerts to your Phone 

Do you want to be the first to find out when the artist you love is playing near you?

The Whatslively app now available sends you personalised concert alerts based on the music you listen to - so you never miss out!

Now available on both Apple Music App Store and Anrdoid, Whatslively constantly scans the music on your phone or your favourite streaming app, cuts out all the 'white noise' of constantly updating concerts you don't want to know about and only alerts you to concerts from artists that you actually listen to

It's easy to find out what's happening or about to happen in Australia.   It's easy to search, share upcoming gigs with friends and remind yourself what's next - and alerts are for local intimate gigs as well as the larger festivals.

Click here to learn more about how to never miss out on your favourite live music shows now!


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