Australis Repair and Returns Process Update 

The Australis Service Team are very pleased to announce that we have now moved our Return Authority (RA) and Service Repair Requests (SV) to an easy to complete digital form. Please find links to both forms below.

You must complete these forms BEFORE anything is sent to the Australis Service Team. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the difference between an


RA and SV as follows:


1. RA means Return Authority, which is any unit that needs to be RETURNED for a credit or replacement.

An RA request should only be completed when an item is damaged in transit, sent incorrectly or is ordered but arrives DOA. You will be required to enter your Australis Invoice Number and submit images of any damage when you lodge your RA request form.


Click here for the RA Repair Online Form.


2. SV means Service Order which is any unit under WARRANTY or NON-WARRANTY that needs REPAIRING. This also referred to as an SRR or Service Repair Request.

An SV request should only be sent when an item requires repair. You will be required to upload an image of the customer’s original purchase receipt and submit images of the damage when you lodge your SV request form.

Once you receive an SV number this number needs to be very clearly noted on the outside of the carton near the address label.

NOTE: If you have multiple items being returned, please submit a separate SV Repair request form for each item.


Please click here for the SV Repair Request Form.


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