Behringer Brings Another Classic Drum Machine Back to the Future With the RD-9

Originally teased in early 2020, the RD-9 is finally available to pre-order in Australia

Following the news in late May, that Behringer has started to ship the RD-9 and has revealed pricing and further details of the machine. Behringer’s analogue-digital drum machine has been in the works for three years and has undergone several design changes along the way – it was initially called the TD-909, for one. Based on the iconic TB-909 drum machine, which has shaped dance music Behringer’s take on the drum machine has been touted as a faithful recreation of the original with 11 drum sounds based on the original TR-909. In addition, users can program 64 steps with poly-meter, step repeat, note repeat, realtime triggering and more, with the ability to save up to 16 songs and 256 patterns.

The RD-9 can sit neatly in a contemporary studio with USB, MIDI, CV and trigger connectivity, plus analogue outputs for each drum sound. Other modern features include the Wave Designer with attack and sustain parameters, and a dual-mode filter. An Authentic Mode omits these enhancements and uses custom-made analogue components for a more genuine TR-909 experience.


RD-9 Features:

  • Amazing drum machine with authentic analog/digital sound engine to create classic sound performance
  • 11 original drum sounds with additional parameters and global accent capability
  • Powerful 64-step drum sequencer supports poly-meter, step-repeat, note-repeat, real-time triggering, track-mute and track-solo
  • 10 independent analog outputs for external processing or recording your rhythms as multi-track audio
  • Integrated FX bus features Wave Designer and dual-mode Analog Filter with per voice assignment
  • Live recording, editing and playback of analog filter cutoff via automation
  • Storage of up to 16 songs and 256 patterns, all of which can be imported/exported during playback for unlimited songs and patterns
  • Pattern Mode allows arrangement of patterns into full songs and setting number of repeats per song part
  • Song Mode allows chaining songs together for live sets and expanded compositions
  • Unique Auto Scroll feature enables improvisation in all modes
  • Comprehensive MIDI In/Out/ Thru plus USB implementation for synchronization and connection to external devices
  • Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock and Internal for maximum versatility
  • Encoder for editing parameters such as Tempo, Swing, Probability, Flam and Random
  • High-visibility LED display for easy editing of program parameters
  • Powerful headphone and main outputs on 1/4" connectors


Originally introduced in 1983, the 909 was considered a commercial failure in comparison to its older sister the 808. Finding its second wind with the emergence of new genres such as house and techno  the 909 drum machine was the foundation for many electronic artists during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

With the arrival of the ’90s, house and techno fever was in full swing, and the 909 – once considered a total failure – became the unlikely sound of the decade, enshrining its status as one of the most important drum machines of all time. The sound of the 909 was utilised by underground artists such as Jeff Mills to popstars like Madonna and now has become ubiquitous with dance and pop music. Here a few songs that celebrates the legacy of the 909.


Jeff Mills - The Bells


Daft Punk - Revolution 909


Madonna - Vogue


Robin S - Show Me Love


View the RD-9 here via our product page.

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