Behringer Brings These Classic Synthesizer to the 21st Century 

A rumoured 25 original versions of the Blue Marvin and 35 Gray Meanie wasproduced in 1971

The originals were either locked away in museums, stashed by collectors, or simply lost over time

Behringer brings these rarities back to life in 2021 with the Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin and 2600 Gray Meanie.


Originally announced during NAMM’s “Believe in Music Week”, the new Behringer duo offer more than just a cosmetic change to the originals. Both models are fitted with dimmable fader LEDs, an inclusion of the famous mechanical spring reverb, new higher-grade componentry that promises to improve performance, as well as dual filter, additional LFO, VCO syncs, and USB MIDI.


The Behringer 2600 Blue Marvin and 2600 Gray Meanie reproductions are sure to satisfy those who want a piece of musical history but at an affordable price point and is easily accessible on the consumer market.


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