Gibson and Adam Jones Release Details For the Hotly Anticipated 1979 Les Paul Custom

The Les Paul Custom will be the first ever signature guitar for the Tool guitarist

The Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom is a limited-edition guitar offering from Gibson Custom Shop that exactly recreates Adam’s #1 guitar, his prized original Silverburst 1979 Gibson Les Paul, seen everywhere during the world tour for the group’s blockbuster Fear Inoculum album, which became one of the highest selling albums of 2019.


The Les Paul Custom offering includes 79 replica models that have been aged by the expert luthiers and craftspeople of the Gibson Custom Shop where the models were signed and numbered by Adam himself. An additional 179 replicas will be produced and feature exclusive silkscreen artwork on the back of the headstock which was designed and created by Joyce Su and Adam. The two also collaborated on the design for the custom hardshell guitar cases which houses each instrument.


The Adam Jones Les Paul Custom replicates the look and the exact feel of the neck profile down to the unique electronics of Adam’s hard-wound Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge pickup, a DiMarzio volume potentiometer and custom capacitors. The guitar also features diamond-back strap buttons that are seen on Adam’s original guitar was painstakingly recreated to the exact detail and the mirror which Adam has affixed to the headstock.


Adam is world renowned as the guitarist for the multiplatinum and multiple GRAMMY Award® winning band Tool, but also his work as a visual artist, sculptor, videographer, producer, and special effects designer (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters 2, Batman 2, A Nightmare On Elm Street). Utilizing his extensive experience in visual art, special effects and design, Adam Jones is both the director of the majority of Tool’s music videos and creates the visual experience on stage for the band.


For the world premiere of the new Gibson Custom Shop Adam Jones Les Paul Custom, a special animated short film, The Witness, was created and scored by Adam and mixed by Joe Barresi. Watch and share The Witness, streaming now on Gibson TV, here.





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