Gibson Holds Virtual Graduation for G3 Students

The first generation of G3 students receive their honours


Gibson have announced the new G3 Class of 2023 - see link below to view the students!

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On July 19 Gibson Brands held a very different kind of graduation—a virtual graduation for their Gibson Generation Group (Gibson G3) of 18 international musicians.

James “JC” Curleigh, President & CEO of Gibson Brands, opened up the ceremony.  Much like recitals in typical colleges, each participant was featured playing music and saying a few words about the G3 experience—how it helped them and their personal plans for the future. Gibson endorsee and ambassador Jared James Nichols gave the students a rousing congratulatory virtual speech before Brand President of Gibson, Caesar Gueikian, wrapped up the virtual festivities with an eye toward the future of the Gibson Generation Group and how these artists will change music going forward as the next Gibson Ambassadors. 

Gibson G3 was launched back in 2019 and after two years, participants of all ages— hailing from France, Japan, Spain, England, China, Norway, Netherlands, and the US— completed their studies. 

The young people that participated in this Gibson program varied wildly in their musical genres and directions, but the common thread is that they are all extremely talented and have grown through the G3 process. “The goal of Gibson Generation Group is to provide a unique, one-on-one mentoring platform for young musicians that offers each member one-of-a-kind career opportunities”, Jenny Marsh, Head of the G3 Global Program shared, adding that members were referred to the program by Gibson artists, influencers, dealers, and partners.

The networking of all of the musicians who join G3 helps each one grow musically through the program. The young aspiring artists gain experience and knowledge that they haven’t had access to before and all of the graduates are working on creating and publishing their own new songs, EPS, videos, and albums. 

The next class of G3 members (class of 2023) currently includes 13 new participants ranging from mandolin and bass players to guitarists, all of whom will be featured in the upcoming months. 

When asked if there will be opportunities for G3 alumni to play concerts at the Gibson Garage and other Gibson locations, Marsh replied, “Yes! We will absolutely offer evergreen support to all Gibson Generation Group members, both present and past. The Gibson Garage is a great place for the G3 to showcase their talents on stage. We are hopeful that each of the participants stays in touch, and we have already seen that happen. I personally would love to see a G3 alumni event in the not-so-distant future”. 

Additionally, Marsh shared that brands under the Gibson umbrella will also be involved with G3 in the future. “All brands under the Gibson portfolio of brands (Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer, KRK, Mesa/Boogie) are offered as part of the current Gibson Generation Group program. It is encouraging to see all of the Gibson G3 artists so deeply involved in not just playing an instrument but immersing themselves in the whole process of music creation. Our members are songwriters, composers, producers, arrangers, and guitar players”. 

Gibson Brands is making a smart investment of time, energy, and teaching with these up-and-coming musicians in the G3 program. It will be interesting in the coming year to see where the Inaugural Class of 2021 ends up and the fresh new faces we will see in the Class of 2023.  For aspiring musicians, Gibson G3 is a great place to be.


Article originally published by Eric Dahl on American Songwriter.

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