Ibanez Reissues the Classic OD850 Overdrive

Overdrive fans relish the chance for some more ‘70s fuzz

A cult favourite amongst classic pedal aficionados, Ibanez have reissued one of their most popular effects pedals, the OD850 Overdrive

The initial OD850 was produced in the mid 70’s and most notably included the Ibanez script logo and stripped down black labelling. Ibanez incorporated a modified tone stack, filtering capacitors that helped emphasise higher frequencies all into a sleek, modern box design.

There have been a few tweaks with the new reissue, with the updated version featuring true bypass switching, and an on/off LED and a DC power jack. Keeping the OD850 faithful to its roots the pedal remains entirely analogue and while Ibanez has decided to keep the original simple three-knob layout with Volume, Tone and Sustain controls.

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