Ibanez Releases the 2020 RangeĀ 

The year has only just begun, but Ibanez is already coming on strong, with a slew of new AZ and RG electric guitar models lined up

In addition to impressive features like S-Tech roasted maple necks and fingerboards, Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle pickups and the company’s dyna-MIX switching system, the new guitars boast several firsts for Ibanez, including an all-ash AZ six-string and AZ Premium designs with new top woods and finishes.

And appearing for the first time on a non-multi-scale Ibanez is the mono-rail fixed bridge, which utilizes individually attached bridge pieces to allow each string maximum vibration transfer to bodies, and is featured on several new RG models.

Alongside new electrics, appears for the first time the impressive EHB (Ergonomic Headless Bass) line of basses that features headless construction and a specially designed body that allow the player to maintain a similar playing position whether seated or standing. The contoured, ergonomic design and chambered body make for a lightweight, well-balanced, and comfortable instrument that’s excellent for long sets or practice sessions.

For more information have visit the Ibanez website and our Ibanez product page.


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