Ibanez showcases the New Advanced Acoustics RangeĀ 

More volume, richer tone, and more powerful low end response

The Advanced Acoustic represents an important step forward in the long and storied tradition of the acoustic guitar

In what amounts to a fully reimagined acoustic experience, these instruments were designed from the ground up to deliver a richer, brighter and louder tone, with an unprecedented wide dynamic range. With slightly larger than typical proportions, Ibanez has named this new body shape the “Grand Dreadnought”.


This reinvented design achieves a superb, powerful sound, and thanks to the extensive consideration given to the ergonomics, it is extremely comfortable to play. The Advanced Acoustic series pushes the acoustic guitar to new heights, in a way that promises an exciting new experience for all players.


Grand Dreadnought Body

Through a rigous R&D process spanning several years, Ibanez has reimagined the Dreadnought from the ground up, pursuing the height of rich sound, robust low end, and rich tone. This brand new body shape is called the Grand Dreadnought. Proportionally, the Grand Dreadnought body is 5% larger than the standard dreadnought, allowing for more volume, richer tone, and more powerful low end response.


X-M Bracing

Spending a few years with trial and error, Ibanez reached to out-of-the-box X-M Bracing to generate the ultimate sound standing out on stage. The carefully designed scalloped X-bracing, the allocation of tone braces and finger braces transmit the string vibration efficiently through the bridge to the body. The X-M Bracing creates the clear bottom and crispy treble sound with trimmed warm mid-range, yet providing wide dynamic range and high response


Advanced Access Cutaway

Available on the AAD170CE and AAD300CE, the deep straight cutaway (from the 18th fret) and shaved side enable amazing high fret access.


Low Oval Grip Thermo Aged Nyatoh neck with Rounded Fretboard Edge

The Low Oval neck grip is designed for easy chord strumming and the Rounded Fretboard Edges provides superior playability. Thermo Aged, a special drying process, makes the neck light and hard and provided stability.


Functional Tapered Headstock

The newly designed headstock shap is the result of thorough research and investigation. It’s tapered shape provides lighter weight, as well as a straight string alignment which enhances tuning stability and reduces neck twisting effect.


AP11 Magnectic Pickup

The AP11 pickup available in the AAD100E, AAD170CE and the AAD300CE is small, lightweight and positioned so it won’t inhibit the natural vibrations of the top wood. The pickup generates a highly responsive sound with the minimal feedback and delivers a lively response throughout the entire frequency range. The sound is transparent and reflects the guitar’s natural acoustic tone while preserving presence and mid-range.


Contact pickup

Only available on the AAD300CE the contact pickup consists of three transducers facilitating organic individual note clarity and naturally reproduces percussive tapping techniques. This pickup also adds an airy depth of tone and brightness to the amplified sound.


View the full Advanced Acoustic range here.


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