Introducing the Gibson Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird V

A Blues-Rock Master's Legendary Firebird

Gibson is proud to pay tribute to a true guitar hero with the release of the Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird V. One of the most notable proponents of the Gibson Firebird, blues-rock legend Johnny Winter was well known for his love of the design. This 1964 Firebird V, meticulously crafted by the Gibson Custom Shop, is a replica of one of Johnny’s most well-known Firebirds.

The specs reveal an astonishing level of detail and accuracy, from the plugged holes from the removed Maestro Vibrola to the faded Firebird logo on the pickguard, right down to the missing reflector on the rhythm tone knob. Together with the Murphy Lab custom-aged Polaris White finish, this guitar brings Johnny’s original 1964 Firebird V to life for a new generation of players.

Gibson has also teamed up with legendary, late photographer Mick Rock to include key photos in the guitar package. Mick provided iconic Johnny Winter photos, as well as the cover art for Winter’s “Captured Live” album. In honor of Mick Rock, each Johnny Winter 1964 Firebird V guitar will come with a signed Johnny Winter print. This is a very limited model with only one model available in Australia.

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