Kramer Is Back In Australia

Made to rock hard

Made to rock hard

Emerging as one of the upstarts to the major guitar brands in the 1970s, Kramer’s first major claim to fame was the close association with guitar virtuoso a young Eddie Van Halen. Catapulting the brand into the global conscience, Kramer guitar designs were wildly unique and incorporated custom features including the sophisticated Floyd Rose™ tremolo system.

The increased popularity of hard rock and metal in the 1980’s saw Kramer reach peak popularity and success with artists such as Richie Sambora, Tom Morello, Vivian Campbell and Eddie Van Halen championing the brand. Kramer was a leader in providing everyday players the experience of a “custom” designed guitar with speciality pickups and hardware. Iconic models from the brand include the Richie Sambora’s Jersey Star, The 84 as played by Eddie Van Halen and Baretta models as played by generations of metal players from around the world.

Now finally back in Australia the new range of Kramer guitars are set to inspire another generation of metal heads and shredders. Split into Original and Modern collections the new range will appease those longing for the heyday of the brand and those who look for that metal edge with modern features and hardware.

Kramer guitars will be hanging on your local guitar store wall very soon! For more information visit the Kramer brand page here.

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