Kurzweil Extends its Product Warranty OptionsĀ 

Kurzweil Extends its Product Warranty Options

Demonstrating the confidence in their products and the ability for customers to play with the quiet comfort that their product was built to last, the dedicated team at Kurzweil have announced terms for their new extended warranty for selected models.

For decades Kurzweil Music Systems have innovated in the music tech industry, developing world class musical instruments that stand the tests of time. Reflecting that certain confidence in their products, Kurzweil have announced new terms for their extended warranty on selected models. The warranty includes some of the most popular series in the product catalogue, from the Forte to the Andante CUP – extensive coverage over internal component parts leaves customers with the peace of mind that their keyboard has the full backing of the service team at Kurzweil.

More specifically the extended terms will provide coverage for individual internal components ranging from electronic, electromechanical and general parts which have now been extended from one to two years. While mainboards have been extended to three years. The models included in the new warranty policy are the PC3K and PC3A, FORTE series (FORTE, FORTE 7 and FORTE SE), Andante CUP series (CUP 110, CUP 120, CUP2 and CUP2A) and the CGP220W models.


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