Master the Rhythm With the Behringer RD-6 Drum Machine

Based off the classic 606 drum machine from the 80s

Based off the classic 606 drum machine from the 80s

Originally announced at NAMM in January, the RD-6 will finally land in Australia as Behringer now is taking pre-orders on the unit.

A clone on the original 606 drum machine, the RD-6 features 8 analogue sounds (including the booming 606 clap), individual outputs, 64 steps of sequencing and a big fat distortion effect based of the DS-1 guitar pedal. A perfect accompaniment to the TD-3, the RD-6 allows you to jam on the fly as all great gear should.

The 64 step sequencer can instantly switch between 32 patterns and chain songs up to 256 bars in length. The distortion circuit is modelled after the DS-1 guitar pedal and lends it some real grit. AS with other Behringer models there are individual outputs for each sound and includes MIDI/USB outputs to connect existing gear to the drum machine.

The Behringer RD-6 comes in a kaleidoscope of colours…expect to see a translucent red (strawberry), purple (grape), green (lime), orange (tangerine) and blue (baby blue), an acid like yellow (amber) and the stock standard but classic silver and black finishes. Based upon the colours of the 90s Apple iMac, the new colour additions add a nice fun touch to a product that is already meant to be fun to play!

Not stopping there Behringer have also included the following finishes on their top-selling TD-3 synthesizers which include the translucent purple (grape), blue (baby blue), red (strawberry), orange (tangerine) and green (lime).

Both units are available to pre-order now!

For more information visit the Behringer website here.

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