Nita Strauss’ Australian Masterclass Tour 

The Ibanez and BOSS artist took the time out of her busy schedule for the rare and exclusive masterclasses held in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney

Hosted by Mega Music and held at Badlands Bar; Nita Strauss’s Masterclass was the first of its kind for Perth and indeed, Australia. Taking stage to a flurry of applause, the LA native played her first song of the night to the rapture of the crowd. Taking time to answer questions from the crowd and detailing her experiences and brand relationships with Ibanez and BOSS.

After her first initial Masterclass, Nita played multiple shows with Alice Cooper as part of their national headline tour, but most importantly the Fire Fight Australia benefit concert in support of the charities raising funds for the horrific bushfire crisis that Australia experienced over the summer months, which was a turning point for her masterclass tours.

After the show, it was announced that her guitar strap sponsor, Levy’s Leather would be selling her Australian exclusive guitar strap at the remaining Masterclasses and on Mannys’ online store. The guitar strap featured a baroque blue and gold design, with two of Australia’s icons in the kangaroo and koala immortalised on the strap. Also included was the Australian flag and an embossed Nita Strauss logo. In addition to support the bushfire relief, all the proceeds from the strap would go towards Nita’s charity of choice the Port Macquarie Koala Hosiptal, who cared for the displaced koala population around the mid north coast region of NSW due to the bushfires that ravaged their habitat.

Nita took stage with Alice Cooper during primetime in Australia which was broadcasted across millions of TV screens around the country. During this time already nearing full capacity, both of her Melbourne and Sydney masterclasses sold out by the following Monday morning.

After slaying Australian audiences on stage with Alice Cooper this month, guitarist Nita Strauss continued to impress crowds in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in a series of Masterclasses for Ibanez Guitars and Boss Effects. At the clinics, Nita told of her journey from numerous battle of the bands performances, where she was to trying to get a break, to playing with The Iron Maidens and now traveling the globe with rock legend Alice Cooper. Using her signature Ibanez JIVA guitar and the Boss GT-1000 effects processor, Nita also delivered some slick licks, blowing everyone away with her dexterity and energy. In Melbourne Nita took the time prior to her Melbourne masterclass to chat with Nicole Nighthawk and Australian Musician.

The final Australian Masterclass took place in Sydney at The Artist Centre, with an estimated 170 people waiting for her to take the stage. The crowd gathered early outside the venue, almost at max capacity, the Sydney fans were eager to see their hero live in the flesh. As with her previous masterclasses, Nita took the stage to generous aplomb and was greeted with a wall of applause and cheers. Nita provided some insight into her humble beginnings, her career so far, being a woman in the music industry and her brand sponsors. Nita was kind enough to sign and take photos with the 170 strong crowd, who definitely cherished the moment.

Wrapping up she spoke to The Artist Centre prior to her appearance with the interview soon to be released. Hurricane Nita did what she was meant to do sweeping into Australia and capturing the hearts of new and old fans here in Australia.

We would like to thank to following partners, in which this tour wouldn’t have been possible – BOSS Australia, Mega Music, Badlands Bar, Mannys Music and Levy’s Leather.


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