Sabian Presents Crescent Cymbals with “Hand Select” Dealers 

The high-end cymbals have been chosen for distribution in the American, Australian and Japanese markets

Based out of Kennesaw, Georgia, United States Crescent present the cymbal market with a high-end solution that many companies try to reproduce

Founded by Michael Vosbein, Jeff Hamilton, Bill Norman and Stanton Moore in 2012, the acquisition of Crescent Cymbals to SABIAN is a continued commitment to old-world cymbal excellence with the relaunch of the brand under the SABIAN umbrella – a series of traditionally-crafted instruments that are thin, dark, complex and always musical. The new SABIAN Crescent line will include Stanton Moore, Hammertone and Elements models, available for purchase exclusively from SABIAN Hand Select Dealers throughout the Australia, one of only three select markets.

Steeped in the heritage of Turkish craftsmanship, Crescent was renowned for producing boutique handcrafted cymbals for discerning musicians. Moving forward, SABIAN Crescent will retain a sharp focus on crafting traditional instruments with the reliability, durability and quality for which the SABIAN brand is renowned.

Hand Select Dealers will provide personal attention, a unique in-store experience, and outstanding support for discerning drummers who prefer the highly-specialized expertise these dealers can provide. With careful selection of the Hand Select dealers, the company is sure to keep the product exclusive and sought after for the right type of drummer. The arrival of Crescent Cymbals will be landing in stores at Hand Select boutiques within the coming weeks.

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