Terror Is Just A Foot Away With the Orange Terror StampĀ 

The British amp giant unveils a pocket-sized powerhouse

Orange has launched the Terror Stamp - an ultra portable 20W electric guitar amp with the size (and functionality) of a pedal.

Featuring a compact form factor – 9.9 (H) x 13.4 (W) x 6.1 (L) cm, to be exact - this little powerhouse will fit easily onto any pedalboard, delivering "masses of Terror tone at the stamp of your foot", the company says, explaining the unit's name.

The Orange Terror Stamp is feature-packed, with an 8/16Ohm speaker output, a fully-buffered FX Loop, a CabSim/Headphone output, shape control and a foot switchable master volume.

Featuring a robust casing, the unit is built not only for portability, but for durability, too. Expect these will be very popular with gigging guitarists.

For more information visit the Orange Amps website or our product page.


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