The Ibanez AZS Series Has the Retro-Modern Stylings Down to a T 

The new line-up makes a big splash with two new signature models spearheading the series

Unveiled during NAMM’s ‘Believe in Music Week’ the new series from Ibanez builds on the success of the AZ Series.

The AZS’ takes on the most popular elements of the AZ and combines them with a modernized take on the classic single-cut design.

Fans of the original AZ will immediately appreciate the neck, which maintains the same oval c shape and 12” radius, delivering smooth ergonomic comfort and quick, agile playability. Consistency of tone is another critical aspect of the AZS. ⁠

Within the series are tremolo and hardtail designs, but unlike other tremolo versions in this body style, both AZS models utilize a metal mounting plate for the bridge pickup preserving the quintessential clear, fat, and twangy tones for which this type of guitar is known.

Spearheaded by the involvement of two talented artists from different spectrums of the guitar world American Blues guitarist Josh Smith and Brazilian virtuoso Lari Basilio with the FLATV1 and LB1 respectively. Both signature guitars are made in Japan feature an AZ Oval C / S-Tech wood 1-piece Birdseye Maple neck and Ash body. The FLATV1 includes Seymour Duncan® FLAT5™ bridge and neck pickup (Passive/Alnico) while the LB1 includes Lari’s signature Seymour Duncan pickups on the neck and bridge.


The AZS Series includes:



AZS2200 BK




For more information visit the Ibanez product page here.


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