Case Study: Crowbar, Sydney

Sydney’s Crowbar is tooled up and ready for the full-throttle return of live music.

Crowbar was about to close. For good. The COVID lockdowns had already permanently shuttered a number of other live venues in Sydney and owner Trad Nathan could see he was one minute to midnight on the doomsday clock of his own enterprise.

Part of the economics of a live music venue surviving a pandemic are the fixed costs. Rent is the main one. Some lease holders were able to secure rent holidays or better terms, while other weren’t. Another big fixed cost is the lease on costly production gear, such as the front of house PA.

A turning point in the Crowbar’s fortunes saw Trad able to secure better terms on his production gear, which helped save his bacon. And not just his old production gear but on an armoury of brand new kit — a new loudspeaker system, mixing console and backline equipment. 

It means Crowbar comes into a post-COVID season with a great story to tell and a bunch of additional reasons for bands to book.

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