The Tannoy PCI Series Is The Perfect Loud Speaker For Modern Living

Dual Concentric In-Ceiling or In-Wall Loudspeakers for Installation Applications

Designed to fit seamlessly into your world, the Tannoy PCI series is the perfect premium loudspeaker for modern living. Discover a beautiful blend of innovative technology combined with sophisticated good looks that will match any décor. State of the art driver materials and Tannoy’s Unique Dual Concentric driver technology combine to deliver music and film that is breathtakingly realistic and with phenomenal clarity.

The PCI Range is designed with the same exacting standards as the flagship hi-fi and professional loudspeakers. The combination of accumulated knowledge and experience means you can expect the same sonic experience as our freestanding loudspeakers. Tannoy Dual Concentric drivers are renowned for the phase coherence. No other discrete two-way loudspeaker is capable of a more natural delivery. Bass is deep and well defined with speed and authority. The Mid-range is beautifully delicate making vocals feel like you can reach out and touch them, High frequencies are exceptionally smooth with pinpoint imaging and a holographic soundstage that covers a vast area. Suitable for Music and Movies, stereo, surround sound and multi-room installations the PCI range are exceptionally easy to drive and will fill your room with ultra-high reference sound.

Unlike other loudspeakers brands, Tannoy has a unique history of technological development and craftmanship. With over 90 years as a world leader in the pursuit of hi-fidelity sound, Tannoy has an unrivalled reputation for creating true reference loudspeakers trusted by the world’s highest profile professionals. During every step of the creative process from composition to recording, mixing and mastering to broadcast, artists around the world trust Tannoy loudspeakers to faithfully reproduce every music nuancewith stunning accuracy.

At the heart of the PCI Series’ incredible performance, you will find an all-new development of our legendary and exclusive Dual concentric driver technology. Designed and engineered it the UK, this listener focussed new driver handles up to 240 Watts and is extremely easy to drive. The compact, stylish and state of the art design comprises a single 130mm (5.00") LF/MF driver with a blue Kevlar cone and high-excursion rubber surround and centrally located HF driver. This new Dual Concentric driver offers enhanced dispersion – creating and even more balanced spread of sound around the listening area.

These time-coherent, point source dispersion characteristics make this latest version of the Dual Concentric philosophy perfect for premium audio listening. Low-frequency performance is full and impactful, the mid-range is detailed, and high frequencies deliver amazing clarity. As not all rooms are equal or have good acoustics, we have equipped the PCI range with a 3-way variable high-frequency level control for user customised performance preferences and optimum room integration.

The Dual Concentric driver is mounted on a specially designed baffle, which can be rotated in 90° increments for optimal coverage for even the most challenging of applications. Also, to optimise low frequency performance, the baffle utilises a flow-thru bass port with a flared aerodynamically optimised vent that significantly reduces air turbulence, port noise and distortion. Engineered to the highest standard the PCI range feature powder-coated perforated UV resistant steel mesh grills that protect from dust and can be removed and painted to match any décor. 

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